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Last Post and Launch of

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Well this is going to be my final post on the twinpillars site. Starting out here from scratch on my first attempt at blogging less than 12 months ago I had no idea how this was going to turn out. It has been both fun and very rewarding.

I know what busy lives you all lead so I feel truly honoured by the steadily growing number of you who take the time to stop by and read my thoughts here.

Thank you!

I now invite you to join me on the new site smartcareerstrategy – launching this weekend

The focus on the new site will be very similar to what you have become accustomed to here. And all the previous posts will still be accessible there so you can read them again at your leisure.

The new site has already gone live so feel free to check it out at smartcareerstrategy

Over time I plan to add new sections with the aim of offering additional resources as well as the blog. I would welcome any suggestions or requests you may have for resources and additional content that you would like to see there. Why not leave a comment with your thoughts on this?


Thanks heaps to those of you who previously signed up to subscribe to twinpillars. I have not yet worked out how to/whether I can simply transfer your subscription details to the new site and I certainly don’t want to breach privacy. It would be wonderful if you would like to go to smartcareerstrategy and subscribe there from now on.


‘Name this blog’ competition – update

This is a really short post to say thanks and bring you an update

Those of you who read twinpillars regularly probably saw me post my “branding mistake confession” last week.

I am most grateful to you for taking the time to think about this and respond with encouragement, suggestions and even offers of assistance with brainstorming. Thank you all!

I am planning to make the name change by the end of March so watch this space for an announcement

And remember the prize for the winning suggestion…

Thanks again everyone and keep those suggestions rolling in – remember I am offering a free resume make-over to the person who comes up with the name closest to the one I eventually select.

A little help for your ideas

As a reminder of what this blog focuses on and therefore what the name should reflect here are links to a few of my most popular posts

8 Ways to Start a New Job Really Well

3 Reasons to Stop Looking for the “Ideal” Job

Take Your resume from Bland to Bold

So You Want to be a Consultant…?

How I picked the wrong name for my blog.

Help me fix my branding mistake and win a free resume make-over!

Yep – that’s what I did, so here is my confession.

When I started this blog in July last year I spent ages trying to figure out what to call it. And then I hit on this brilliant name that you are now familiar with, twinpillars.

I thought it was pretty clever at the time, taken as it was from a comment a colleague and close friend of mine had said once. You can read the gist of it on the About page if you like.

The problem

When I tell people that I now write a blog I get these reactions. First they are excited and think it’s a really cool thing to do. Then they ask me what it’s about – still tracking OK here, as the usual reaction is that good content on careers and job hunting would be useful to lots of people. Very encouraging.

Then they usually ask me what the blog is called, and I say “twinpillars”. The response – “Huh??”


While the original reason for picking this name was a good one in my mind it means nothing to someone looking online for help with career strategy or job hunting. A classic branding mistake!

So I have decided to ask you my readers to help change the name, and I am offering a little something in return

“NAME THE BLOG” COMPETITION  –  open until 31st March

I would love to be able to say that one of my readers came up with a new name for the blog that works as a domain name and really captures what this blog means to you.

My aim is to help people overcome the fear and confusion many experience when wanting to, or having to, look for a new job, as well as offer practical, no-nonsense guidance on how to land a great new role.


The person who comes up with a name closest to the one I eventually choose will win a FREE resume makeover, valued at around $250 – $350

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your suggestions or better still, go to Contact twinpillars and leave a private Feedback.

Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to see your suggestions and announce the winner.

8 Ways to Start a New Job Really Well

Several people I have been coaching through career transition in my day job at Right Management have recently landed great new roles, so we have been looking closely at how they can make sure they settle in well and build a solid foundation for success in their new situation. Here are some of the ideas that they have found helpful in managing their own ‘onboarding’. Read more…

5 Practical Ways to Win in a Tough Job Market

OK, it’s a new year and you are looking for a new role – maybe still looking since last year. Here are some ideas that I hope will help you to stay focused. Some of this may come across as a little glib but I really don’t mean it that way so stay with it and I hope you will find this practical and helpful.

  1. Smile – it could be a lot worse
  2. Get over it and get on with it
  3. Be seen, be heard
  4. Get a grip on reality
  5. Keep at it – persistence pays

Smile it could be a lot worse

No I don’t mean to trivialise the challenges of any job search, let alone one in a tight market – been there myself a few times. But if you step back for a moment and take a somewhat bigger picture view, for most of us will acknowledge that there are many people – even right here in our own city – who are far worse off than we are. Count your blessings? Yes, that’s not a bad idea sometimes, to get a bit of perspective and remain grateful for the ways we have been blessed. Research seems to shows that if you smile more it helps you to feel more relaxed, less stressed. You will also probably come across to others as more likeable = hireable!

Get over it and get on with it

There’s lots of negative press around, gloomy economic analysis and predictions, declining volume of advertised jobs etc. etc. Well, you can choose to be negatively affected by this or you can choose to tune out at least some of this noise and not let it influence your own internal ‘chatter’. Not suggesting you ignore reality – far from it – but the more you tell yourself things are bad the worse they will seem to be. That has a tendency to impact your confidence and your energy level needed to get on with the job search. So, start with the assumption that you will (eventually) find a good role, put your plan together, get help if you need it – and get busy. As Richard Branson said in a recent post on entrepreneurship – now is the time to do !

Be seen, be heard

Do whatever you can to raise your professional profile. Work on your social media strategy and presence; participate in relevant online forums; write articles on your areas of expertise and work on getting them published; look for organisers of conferences and industry functions who may be looking for speakers or group facilitators; hey, why not start a blog?! And remember to keep growing your face-to-face network, building relationships with people who could potentially advocate for you.

Get a grip on reality

In these market conditions you may have to accept the possibility that the “perfect” role may not be available to you – or at least that it may be quite a long time before you find it; you may also have to re-calibrate your salary expectations. At times like these employers tend to be less flexible, more cost conscious and operate from the view that it is largely a buyer’s market – in their favour.  Do you have the financial resources and emotional resilience to ride this out? I would always encourage you to stay true to your longer term goals and make sure that whatever role you ultimately accept makes sense to the market when you are preparing for your next move. But you may have to temper your aspirations to land that ideal job with a “good interim decision” – or at least be able to give a sensible account of what you have done with your time and how you have continued to make a contribution during a protracted job search

Keep at it – persistence pays

Never, ever give up on growing your network. The very next person you speak to could be the one who creates the lead to an amazing job. What if you never met them because you stopped?

You may well need occasional periods of downtime to rest and refresh. Hunting for a job looking tired and desperate is never going to be productive – but stay in the game. Keep watching the advertised roles and putting in targeted, tailored applications; stay in touch (without stalking!) with a smallish number of recruiters who are very active in your field; network, network, network. Often the best opportunities are “right under your nose” – many people have found inspiration in the Acres of Diamonds speech by Russell H Conway. You can get a free eBook copy of it here.

So there you go – 5 Ways to Survive in a Tough Job Market

1.            Smile – it could be worse

2.            Get over it and get on with it

3.            Be seen, be heard

4.            Get a grip on reality

5.            Keep at it – persistence pays

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Conquer fear – Get hired in 2013!

What’s bothering you?

Facing redundancy? Bored and looking for something new but not sure where to start? How to handle a tough, competitive job market?

I have been working on some cool ideas for new posts (at least, I think they are cool and hope you will too). But I really want to make sure the content deals with issues that will be most relevant and helpful to you. So why not use the new Contact twinpillars form (or just leave a comment on this post) to let me know what career and job search issues worry you the most at the moment?

Happy New Year

Hi and thanks for reading.

twinpillars took a bit of time off over the Christmas and New Year holidays but will be back very soon. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2013.


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