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Winner and a new name!

Hallo twinpillars readers

I am delighted to announce the winner of the “Name This Blog Competition”

Congratulations Paul R. 

(Paul has agreed to be mentioned but I have not published the surname for privacy reasons)

After sorting through the many great suggestions you sent in I picked a few favourites and then went looking for related domain names to re-name this site. I ran into some problems with that as most of those names had already been taken.

However,…one suggestion made by a faithful reader and in fact former client, set me off on a path to successfully finding a name that I think will make sense and reflect what this blog is all about. I couldn’t use exactly what Paul suggested but his idea led me to….

Thanks a million Paul – make sure you stay in touch to claim your prize!!

What’s next?

I am now  working through the mechanics of setting up the new site, transferring all the existing content and re-directing visitors from the current (soon to be ‘old’) twinpillars site.  I hope to have all this covered within the next week or so.

Keep a lookout for the first post on

Thanks again for your interest and support. Look forward to seeing you again when is up and running



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