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‘Name this Blog’ Competition Results and a Question

Well this has not turned out the way I expected.

First of all I am most grateful to you for the many good ideas you sent in for new names. I really appreciate the time and effort taken.

Working from those ideas I drew up a list of what I thought were names that would capture the essence of the blog – and that is when I ran into unexpected trouble!

The next step was going to be to set up a new domain name with a re-direct so that any twinpillars readers would be able to find the new site. It has been very frustrating to find that all the great names we came up with together were already taken as domain names, so I can’t use them.

Grrrrr !! Frustration deluxe.

And that explains why it has been a while since launching this little competition before being able to announce a new name – and the winner of a FREE resume make-over. It has been a real struggle over the last couple of weeks to come up with something else that is fresh, interesting, not just ho-hum and also really says what the blog is about.

So here is the question

It would be fantastic to get your feedback as to whether I need to persevere with finding a new name.

Perhaps you have come to like “twinpillars” and the story behind it. Check out the About page to find out where the name came from…and leave a comment or send a private feedback through the Contact twinpillars page

Second chance to win!

I will of course honour my promise to offer a free resume makeover for the best naming idea, despite the issues with domain names – that’s not your problem. I will announce the winner soon – but here is a chance for another winner.

The same offer goes to the first person who leaves a relevant comment or feedback. If you don’t want or need your own resume reviewed you can have this done for a friend you think would benefit.

Looking forward to hearing from you….

….and look our for my next post soon on whether it is time for job-seekers to start activating “Plan B”

(Photo credit: Sybren A. Stüvel)


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