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‘Name this Blog’ update and thank-you!

something's coming

Hi twinpillars readers…

Here’s the update and a thank-you

In March I asked for your help to rename this blog. I was a bit nervous when I did this as I had no way of anticipating the response – but I need not have worried. As they say, most of what you worry about never happens!

I was delighted with the response to that request and have had a great time checking out the many great suggestions that you have sent in. I have narrowed it down to a couple of favourites and will soon be announcing…..

…..the new name AND the WINNER of a free resume make-over.

So watch the next few posts as it may be you!

And now for a HUGE THANK YOU!

It has been a real thrill to see that my latest post on How to Get Hired in a Buyer’s Market has been my most read post to date since I started this journey in July last year. Not only that but this week, and the month of April so far, have been the “most read” week and month to date. And there are still nearly two weeks to go!

So a huge thank you to all of you who graciously take the time to read these articles and even more to those of you who have been kind enough to share them through Twitter and LinkedIn. I hope you will continue to enjoy, get involved through comments and perhaps subscribe to receive posts direct to your inbox.

So remember – watch this space for the new name – coming soon 

(Photo credit: MBK (Marjie)


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