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How I picked the wrong name for my blog.

Help me fix my branding mistake and win a free resume make-over!

Yep – that’s what I did, so here is my confession.

When I started this blog in July last year I spent ages trying to figure out what to call it. And then I hit on this brilliant name that you are now familiar with, twinpillars.

I thought it was pretty clever at the time, taken as it was from a comment a colleague and close friend of mine had said once. You can read the gist of it on the About page if you like.

The problem

When I tell people that I now write a blog I get these reactions. First they are excited and think it’s a really cool thing to do. Then they ask me what it’s about – still tracking OK here, as the usual reaction is that good content on careers and job hunting would be useful to lots of people. Very encouraging.

Then they usually ask me what the blog is called, and I say “twinpillars”. The response – “Huh??”


While the original reason for picking this name was a good one in my mind it means nothing to someone looking online for help with career strategy or job hunting. A classic branding mistake!

So I have decided to ask you my readers to help change the name, and I am offering a little something in return

“NAME THE BLOG” COMPETITION  –  open until 31st March

I would love to be able to say that one of my readers came up with a new name for the blog that works as a domain name and really captures what this blog means to you.

My aim is to help people overcome the fear and confusion many experience when wanting to, or having to, look for a new job, as well as offer practical, no-nonsense guidance on how to land a great new role.


The person who comes up with a name closest to the one I eventually choose will win a FREE resume makeover, valued at around $250 – $350

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your suggestions or better still, go to Contact twinpillars and leave a private Feedback.

Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to see your suggestions and announce the winner.


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